Once or twice a year....

I was just noticing that I seem to update this thing once or twice a year....in this case, I'm posting because I'm avoiding studying for the bar.

Graduation was good, but it won't feel real till after July 28 (second day of the bar). Hmm....I think I'm seeing a pattern.

Oh well, back to work. Family law anyone?
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almost there!

It's been a while since I updated this, seems law school doesn't leave much time for non-required writing.

I can't believe it, less than two semesters to go...is it possible that someone would actually let ME practice law....wonder how long till I get it right.

Anyway, I'm not sure what's up, I should be on top of the world, but, instead, I've just spent the last week fighting to keep from biting peoples' heads off. *shrug* I dunno, too early in the semester to be tired yet.

Time for bed.

I'm tired.

It's only just now Wednesday and it's already been a VERY long week. This week saw the burying of my mother's best friend, Kathy, a lovely woman who really deserved a longer run at life. She had more energy and love than any three other people I ever met. Cancer is a scary thing. If you smoke, stop it! I don't like to attend funerals.

In other news, my best friend's wife broke her leg...a very spectacular spiral that went across both of her lower leg bones on her right leg. Interestingly, she, too, is a Kathy. NOT a good week for Kathys.

In other news, I'm on summer break and find myself unemployed and broke. This is exceedingly ungood. :( I guess it's time to write a resume.

Money sucks. Lack of money REALLY sucks. Ok, I've complained enough. Time to stop this whine and do something constructive.....maybe....if I can find the motivation.

I know I'm loved, but yet I feel so alone.
I know I'm capable, but yet everything feels so hopeless.
I have accomplished much, but yet I know I'm a failure.
I'm just tired, but yet I cannot sleep.
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